Reserva el Circuito por Turquia con La Manera Mas Segura de Hacer Pagos En Linea - Pay-Pal!

Pay-Pal is the most popular online payment method available. You can make your online payments with this secure system without having to share your credit card details with anybody. Furthermore, if you feel cheated and you are not given the service that is promised, Pay-Pal helps you to get your money back.

To send money with Pay-Pal you do not have to be a member or Pay-Pal, you can directly enter your credit card information and make the payment but it is still strongly recommended to be a member since many more online stores uses the same system and you will have chance to use it in the future as well.

For booking any trip in Turkey,  we requiere you an advance payment.

This advance payment is being made to guarantee your booking for the tour you requested. After you make the payment and send us the necessary information that we will ask you via e mail, you should consider your booking fully confirmed but Mrs. Alexa or any other available travel agent will send you the final confirmation any way.

Please do not forget that the prices given you by e mail, will be valid in case of making the payment within 3 days. Otherwise you should ask if there is any change with the prices before you make the payment.

The amount of the advance payment vary depending on the number of participants and the flight tickets included in the itinerary. The more flight tickets means the more advance payment you should pay us but since the commission of Pay-Pal is very high and our company overtakes these extra expenses, we are trying to ask you the less amount possible.

The rest of the payment should be made latest one day before the departure date of your tour and preferably by passing by our office but if you do not have enough time to come to our office, we will try our best to help you and meet you at your hotel before your departure time. Please do not make full payment by Pay-Pal or you will have to pay the commission.





 We hope you enjoy your trip to Turkey by our experienced travel company!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call or write us!

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